The School has adopted a first-come-first serve policy with some exceptions and conditions.

The exceptions are for children of (or sponsored by) shareholders, staff and siblings, provided they are registered at least a year before the year of entry in K1.

The conditions vary according to levels:

For entry into Kindergarten I:    Age limit: In principle, the child must be over 3 years 3 months and under 4 years 7 months old on the first of January of the year of admission. The school reserves the right to refuse or defer admission if the child is found not physically ready for formal schooling.

For entry into K2 to P2:  Age limit: In principle, the child’s age must fall within the existing age-range for the class and must have followed the same level grade in his/her former school; for this, the parent must produce copies of school reports.  If in doubt the     School will carry out an informal assessment.

For entry into P3 onwards: Age limit: Same as for K2-P2 with greater flexibility at S3, S4, S5 levels.

Assessment: The School will assess the candidate’s ability and potential to cope with the curriculum through:

i) the child’s school reports of the previous three terms.   ii) the results of previous national examinations sat by the child.    (e.g P6).   iii) a formal assessment in English and Mathematics (and possibly  other subjects if entering at higher levels)

Parents are asked to note that the school does not have the resources and expertise to cope with mentally or physically disadvantaged children, nor those with severe behavioral difficulties.  We thus reserve the right to review the admission of children who cannot adapt to the programme in kindergarten.

Reviewed on 1st May 2019

Admission enquiry

Thank you for your query concerning admission to our school.

We are pleased to inform you that entry requirements for all students, irrespective of their nationality, are standard.  Our school caters for children from kindergarten through to IGCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.


The school provides parents with a registration form that is to be completed for every child for whom placement is required.  There is a registration fee of SR.1500.00 that is payable on the submission of the registration form.  The form is obtainable from the school’s receptionist.

Registration forms must be completed and returned with the levies stipulated on them.


Parents of new students must pay an initial family deposit of SR. 7500.00 This deposit is payable only for the first child admitted to the school.  Subsequent children from the same family do not have to pay the deposit. The deposit is refundable only if a term’s notice is given to withdraw the child/children from the school and if all outstanding debts are cleared.

There is also an admission fee of SR.10,500.00 per child which is payable before the child commences schooling.

Thereafter, only the periodic tuition fees and the annual cost of teaching materials and supplies will be chargeable.

The students who require entry at higher levels are admitted only if places are available in those classes and, for classes P3 to S5, students must attain a satisfactory grade in the school’s entrance examination for specific levels of entry.

In addition, the school will assess the candidate’s ability and potential to cope with the curriculum through:

  1. The child’s school reports of the previous three terms.
  2. The results of previous National / International Examinations sat by the child.
  3. A formal assessment in English and Mathematics (and possibly other subjects, if entering at higher levels in secondary).


Parents wishing to visit the school at any other times are able to do so by prior arrangement and are requested to make these with the Headmasters’ PA, who can be contacted by telephone on +248 432 2337 or by email at [email protected]

Parents of children who have special learning needs who wish to visit Independent School, can also make an appointment to see the school and meet with the Vice Principal and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), by contacting the school as stated above.