Independent School is registered under the provision of the ‘Educational (Amendment) Act, 1992 (Act 5 of 1992).’ It was established in 1993, and was in fact the first private school to be established since it became legal for Seychellois to attend non-State run schools in the Seychelles.

The intent of the founder members was to create an institution that would focus its attention on the welfare and education of children. It would above all, give pride of place to excellence and high ethical standards, and all its resources were to be utilized for the continued enhancement of its learning environment.

Independent School is owned by Independent Schools Limited which, being a registered and limited company, is regulated by its memorandum of association and the laws of Seychelles. A Board of Directors, elected by the shareholders, sees to the proper management of the company, and has certain responsibilities towards the school, namely financial control, legal and contractual aspects and physical development. The Board of Directors has delegated responsibility for the running of the school to the Board of Governors and the school management. These three bodies work closely together to ensure the proper functioning of the school.

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