Glynnis Sandapin

K2(3) Teacher Assistant

Brigitte Tirant

K2(3) Class Teacher

Mathilda Servina

P2(3) Class Teacher Subject Taught: All Subjects except Art, PE

P2(3) Class Teacher

Manwella Francoise

P2(2) Class Teacher Subject Taught: All Subject Except Art, PE

P2(2) Class Teacher

Charlotte Belle

P2(1) Class Teacher Reading Coordinator Subjects Taught: English, French, Geography, PSE

P2(1) Class Teacher

Sandra Philoe

Teacher Assistant

P1(3) Teacher Assistant

Secondary PTA Representative
S3(3) Class Teacher
Subjects Taught: Geography

I was a student at the school from 1993 when it first opened to 2004 and now I am teaching Geography at Secondary level. As a student I had a really nice experience at Independent School and although times have changed drastically, it would be nice to see the current and future generation have an…

Primary Representative

My name is Denise Scholastique and I am the Primary Representative on the PTA.  I am one of the school counselors at the school and I have been at Independent School for 4 years now.  I love my job as it enables me to help students in a positive way, across the levels from Kinder…

Kindergarten PTA Representative
K1(2) Class Teacher

My name is Miss Milly Marie. I have been teaching at Independent School for the past twenty-five years as a Kindergarten Teacher. My duty and service as a member of the Parent Teacher Association(PTA) is to be engaged in various activities proposed and to bring forward any concern raised by the parents and teachers to…

Miss. Sophie Pool – Mother of a 7 years old in the Independent School Primary 1. Implementing remote learning for my daughter during the Covid-19 pandemic made me develop greater appreciation for the work that teachers and other school staff do and the value they have in our lives. Joining the PTA is my way…