Proud to be in the batch of the first cohort to graduate from Independent School back in 1996, I joined the school’s FIRST second stream in S4 and we began our life at the school back in 1995 as SS4 and our Class teacher was Mrs Nell Ah-Weng.  My passions are kart racing, motorsports and…

My name is Sylvie Ho-Peng. I am an avid reader, writer and literature buff as well as having a passion for cooking. I have a daughter attending Independent School since 2018. I believe that PTA is a powerful association that can advocate on behalf of students and educators, instill a culture of governance, accountability, responsibility, togetherness and…

My name is Brigitte Adrienne. I am a past student of the Independent School, therefore having my children undertake their schooling at this school was automatic. The school’s spirit, drive for excellence and support of its students to ensure that they develop to their maximum capacity are some of the factors that made choosing the…

My main role in the PTA is Treasurer.The reason I joined PTA Is I would like to see a happier learning environment for the students regardless of their race, culture and gender. For the school community to work in a collaborative way towards each and every student.

Brigitte Adrienne

PTA Member

Malon Naiken


Anna-Lisa Labiche

Chairperson of PTA

Anna Payet


Vice Principal – Primary/Kindergarten
Subjects Taught: Maths

Kim Balette

Vice Principal –Secondary/A Levels
Subjects Taught: History, Literature